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Raw K-9 products are not for human consumption and is only suitable for domesticated animals (‘pets’). The consumer acknowledges that many pets suffer from allergies and illnesses and have different nourishment requirements in the same way humans can. It is up to the consumer and pet owner to make enquiries as to what food is suitable for their particular pet, and if necessary, consult a veterinarian on their pet’s specific needs.

The information from this website is not provided or generated from a licensed or certified Veterinarian or Animal Nutritionist. This website was developed from unification of trusted online resources and experiences from feeding raw diets

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Raw K-9 will refund or replace any of their Raw K-9 products if they are spoiled when received by the customer, in this event the product must be retained for examination. All requests for credits/refunds will be determined case to case. Please contact us via phone or email to discuss this immediately.

Delivery Policy

Raw K-9 schedule deliveries on Thursdays. If, in any instance, there is a change to your scheduled delivery day, you will be notified by text message and or email <24 hours prior.

Pre-packaged meals and RAW Treats are both delivered frozen. It can be left this way up to 4 hours in a shaded spot. It is the customer’s responsibility to refrigerate/freeze the products accordingly after this time to prevent spoilage.


All orders must be placed by midnight Sunday to be delivered on Thursday. If you miss this cut off time for ordering, it will be logged for the following weeks delivery.

Your order will be delivered in full. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that you have adequate freezer/refrigerator room for the amount of food you have ordered.

Please contact us by phone or email if Thursday does not suit your needs.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Please dispose of the packaging items according to your local council.

Raw K-9 packets are individually put together by hand, as a result, pre-packaged meals and treats may be filled 10% either side of the recommended serving size depicted on the label. We “spot check” the weight of the packages frequently to ensure we are supplying our customers with the correct amount. If your products are more than 10% underweight, please contact Raw K-9 and we will supply the missing amount.

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