Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do you love your pet, but we also love your pet too! We are crazy dog lovers and want EVERY pet to reap the rewards of our raw feeding diet.

With the combination of experience& study we truly believe we have the most premium raw pet food diet available in Australia. Our own dogs have been benefiting from this diet for years and they are perfect examples of how valuable the Raw K-9 diet can be.

All orders must be placed by Wednesday 9am to be delivered the following week. If you miss this cut off time for ordering, it will be logged for the following weeks delivery.


You can check out our Delivery info page here or simply contact us via email OR call on 0468 307 548

You can check out our Delivery info page here or simply contact us via email OR call on 0468 307 548

All of our products are vacuumed sealed by a commercial-grade chamber to extend the shelf life of our products.

If stored correctly in a freezer, our pre-packaged meals and raw treats will last up to 3 months. If stored in a fridge, these meals will last up to 1 week.

The expiry date stamped on your delivery box will give you a date until your order will stay in its ‘freshest state’

This depends on the amount of food you choose to purchase. Pre-packaged meals are flat packed and vacuum-sealed allowing you to stack the meals neatly in your fridge or freezer. We suggest that if you are concerned with the amount of freezer space you have, simply order one week’s worth at first. Remember we give you the option to buy in weekly, fortnightly and monthly quantities which allows you to estimate the number of meals you can hold at any one time.

Please note that larger raw treats do take up more space than pre-packaged meals.

There is no doubt that dogs & cats are designed to consume meat.

The hydrochloric acid in a pet’s stomach acts as a protective enzyme against pathogens. Their digestive system is short and lacks complexity. Bacteria is killed when ingested and passes within 4-6 hours as waste.

Raw K-9 is fortunate enough to be able to work closely with local Australian farmers and butchers meaning your companion can enjoy premium, human-grade, fresh raw pet food without any preservatives, chemicals or additives.

Raw feeding should be treated no different to cooking with raw meat at home. Basic sanitary habits should be practiced when handling any type of raw meat.

A very common misconception about feeding bones is that bones are dangerous and shouldn’t be fed to dogs.

Raw bones are great for your pet and are totally safe! They provide your pet with high doses of calcium and fatty liquid. Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are soft and are easily digestable Dehydrated and cooked bones do not contain moisture which makes them hard, splinter when eaten and difficult to digest. Never feed cooked bones.

We highly recommend feeding raw bones appropriate to your dog’s raw experience, age & weight.

If you are sure about which bone to offer your pet, please inquiry within.

Each pre-packaged meal contains the exact quantity of food for your dog. These meals are broken into breakfast, lunch & dinner quantities.

Puppies between 2-6 months need to be fed 3 packets per day

7-12 month puppy & 1+ year adult dog need to be fed 2 packets per day

Kittens between 2-6 months need to be fed 3 packets per day

Kittens between 7-12 months need to be fed 2 packets per day

1+ year adult cat needs to be fed 1 packet per day

These meal ratios are only guidelines. If you feel your pet is putting on/losing too much weight, contact us so we can alter their feeding ratios as required.

It is best to feed you dog its meals completely defrosted purely because your dog will enjoy it more. The best way to achieved this is to leave the pre-packaged meal on a bench over night or during the day in a cool, dry area in the winter months. In summer, place pre-packaged meals in the fridge to defrost.

Come feeding time if the meal is not completely defrosted or you forgot to remove it from the freezer, simply place it in the sink in cool water to thaw out.

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