Raw Cat Food Diet - Prey Model Raw (PMR) Range for Cats

Nourish your feline companion with nature's finest ingredients.

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Prey Model Raw (PMR) Diets for Cats

A PMR diet mimics what the cat would eat in the wild, which is whole prey. It follows a ratio of 80% muscle meat, 10% raw meaty bone, and 10% organ meat, which are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals. One important thing about cats is that they must have taurine in their diet. Taurine is found in hard-working muscles like the heart but also in red meat.

Cats also need plenty of variety in fresh meat sources and animal parts so that they can eat as they do in the wild. The texture of the meat is important too. You don’t find mince in the wild; chewing and gnawing fresh protein sets off a chain reaction in the cat’s digestive system that keeps them healthy and also helps with dental health.

What’s Inside Our PMR Cat Food?

This prey-based range recreates your cat’s ancestral diet. Your cat eats a mix of fresh raw, chunky meat, bone, offal and organ with the same natural texture and in similar proportions to what it would eat in the wild. All our ingredients are human-grade and locally sourced.

Muscle Meat


Edible Bone


Organ Meat


We Serve Raw Cat Food for Different Types of Feline Eaters

Check out our selection of Transitioning, Basic, Intermediate, Game and Deluxe PMR cat food options! Give your furry friend a diet that's biologically appropriate and nutritionally balanced. You'll be amazed at how a raw food diet can boost your cat's health, energy and overall vitality. Start exploring our different options today!
PMR Transitioning

Our starter PMR diet for cats who have not eaten a raw diet before. We guide you through our easy-to-follow transition process.

PMR Transitioning
PMR Transitioning
PMR Basic

Our entry-level prey model raw diet of easily digested proteins, organ meats and edible bones is for cats that have transitioned successfully, or are new to our diets.

PMR Basic
PMR Basic
PMR Intermediate

Our next level protein packed meals are perfect for fit and energetic cats who have taken to our Basic meals. Contains our super-power ingredient – green tripe, plus lots of other raw goodies.

PMR Intermediate
PMR Intermediate
PMR Game

This diet range is ideal for cats with sensitivities and/or allergies to common muscle meats, like chicken or lamb.

PMR Game
PMR Game
PMR Deluxe

Our premium vitamin-packed raw meal for established raw feeders.

PMR Deluxe
PMR Deluxe

What’s in Our Human-Grade Raw Cat Meals?

A variety of meats provides a balance of high-quality protein sources, which ensures all the essential amino acids are provided – and keeps your cat interested and coming back for more.

Beef is an excellent source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids required by cats and dogs. 

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, a rich source of most B vitamins, and contains useful amounts of phosphorous and potassium.

Turkey is a lean, highly digestible meat that is a rich source of protein for building muscle and vitamins and minerals, which help regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, and facilitate healing processes. It is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken or beef.

Turkey can be an alternative option for cats and dogs with food sensitivities or food allergies to beef or chicken.

Kangaroo is naturally free range and organic, and is nutritionally superior to farmed meats. It is ideal for treating pets with food allergies. 

Venison is tasty and helps pets maintain healthy energy levels. It can be a good option for pets that may have food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources, such as beef or chicken. It may help reduce allergens and food-related skin irritations.

Ingredients Fact Sheets

Feeding Guidelines and Serving Portions

At RAW K-9, we understand the importance of proper portioning for your cat’s optimal health. Follow our feeding guidelines to ensure they receive the right balance of nutrients:

2–6 month kittens = 3 daily servings (60-80g per serving)
7–12 month kittens = 2 daily servings (100g per serving)
1+ year adult cat = 1 daily serving(125–150g per serving)

Benefits of Feeding Our Human-Grade Meat Diet for Cats

Your feline companions deserve the best when it comes to nutrition.

Here’s how RAW K-9 can benefit your cats:

Balanced macronutrients: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cat chow. It’s a symphony of proteins, fats and carbs that’ll have your kitty crooning in satisfaction.

Essential micronutrients: From bone bolstering to brain boosting, these micronutrients are the secret ingredients of feline wellness.

Say goodbye to litter box horror stories! Our human-grade meat diet is like a satnav for your cat’s digestive system, navigating towards smoother digestion and better nutrient absorption. Less mess for you, improved digestive health for your furball – it’s a purrfect scenario!

Our human-grade meat diet is like a VIP skin and hair treatment for your cat, leaving them looking shiny and feeling silky. Your cat won’t just be the cat’s meow, they’ll be the talk of the town!

Ready to transform your lethargic kitty into a lively lynx? Our human-grade meat diet can turbocharge your cat’s energy levels, turning every day into an energetic escapade.

Optimise Your Cat's Health with RAW K-9’s PMR Diet

Choose from our range of Transitioning, Basic, Intermediate, Game, and Deluxe PMR cat food options to provide your feline companion with a biologically appropriate and nutritionally balanced diet. Experience the remarkable benefits of a raw food diet and witness the positive transformation in your cat’s health, energy, and vitality. Start their journey towards optimal well-being today!

Not only do you love your pet, but we also love your pet too! We are crazy dog lovers and want EVERY pet to reap the rewards of our raw feeding diet.

With the combination of experience & study, we truly believe we have the most premium raw pet food diet available in Australia. Our own dogs have been benefiting from this diet for years and they are perfect examples of how valuable the RAW K-9 diet can be.

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