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Barf for dogs

Biologically-Approved Raw Food (BARF) For Dogs

Our wholesome, nutrient-packed BARF diet consists of fresh, raw meat, juicy, meaty bones, fresh fruits and vegetables, and regular serves of omega-dense fish.
BARF for Dogs
Bulk Products
Buy your BARF or PMR meals in bulk; available with a minimum 10 kg order for Bulk Meals. Bones are packaged and supplied separately, with a minimum 2 kg order for Bulk Bones.
Barf for dogs

Prey Model Raw (PMR) For Dogs

A nutritionally complete and delicious diet of fresh chunky meat, bone, or organs from a variety of mineral- and vitamin-rich sources.
PMR Dogs
Raw Treats
Delicious, nutritious, and great for oral health — these tasty fresh treats will drive your pets wild.
Barf for dogs

PMR For Cats

All the vital nutrients your fussy feline needs in an unprocessed form that stimulates and improves digestion.
PMR Cats
Dehydrated Treats
These treats are perfect for training. Longer lasting and 100% digestible, they are perfect for pets of all sizes.

What’s In Our Meals?

A variety of meats provides a balance of high-quality protein sources, which ensures all the essential amino acids are provided - and keeps your dog interested and coming back for more.
Beef is an excellent source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids required by pets.
Chicken is an excellent source of protein, a rich source of most B vitamins, and contains useful amounts of phosphorus and potassium.
Turkey is a lean, highly digestible meat that is a rich source of protein for building muscle and vitamins and minerals, which help regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, and facilitate healing processes. It is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken or beef. Turkey can be an alternative option for pets with food sensitivities or food allergies to beef or chicken.
Kangaroo is naturally free range and organic, and is nutritionally superior to farmed meats. It is ideal for treating pets with food allergies.
Venison is tasty and helps pets maintain healthy energy levels. It can be a good option for pets that may have food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources, such as beef or chicken. It may help reduce allergens and food-related skin irritations.

Order and Delivery Information

Ordering Process

When you choose RAW K-9, you’re choosing simplicity. Navigate our user-friendly website and create a meal plan for your pet. Browse our premium raw pet food and treats collection, select the products that suit your pet’s needs, and add them to your cart. Once you’re satisfied, proceed to checkout. You’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your order and delivery information.

All orders need to be placed by 9 AM Wednesday for next week’s delivery day. If your order is placed after 9 AM Wednesday it will be logged for the following week

Payment Process

We offer secure and convenient payment options to suit your preferences. From credit and debit cards to online payment gateways, your financial data is protected as you finalise your order. Trust that your transaction is safe with us.

Delivery Information

Delivery is charged at $10, $12 OR $25 depending on your delivery address. This is calculated at the checkout. We will confirm via email what day your order will be delivered on. It is your responsibility to check junk/spam inbox for this email as they can land there.

The night before your delivery is due you will receive a text message from our courier company. This text message will include a tracking link and ETA for delivery.

Once your order has arrived, our courier service will send you a text message with a photo, so please ensure you add your mobile to your delivery address. Landlines will not be accepted, and email notifications are not sent out.

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