Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

We believe in providing our pets with the best quality raw dog food available.

RAW K-9 was created to educate dog owners about the benefits of feeding a balanced raw diet and to reveal the dangers of offering commercially processed foods.

Dogs are designed to eat a natural raw food diet just as their ancestors are in the wild. You only have to look at wild canine species like Dingoes, Wild African dogs and Wolves to realise that their diet has allowed them to thrive over the generations.

A raw diet is packed with a wide assortment of vital enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that lack in a commercial dog food diet. Your dog’s digestive system is not designed to handle fillers like corn, grain and flour. Think about the life span of kibble, how many preservatives, added fats and non-human grade meats are processed into kibble to keep costs to a minimum.

RAW K-9 offer a more superior meal range consisting of human grade meats and hard to source proteins. We don’t mince our ingredients, we portion each meal precisely, by hand, according to weight class of each individual dog and then blast freeze in our industry advanced freezers to eliminate bacterial growth.

Better nutrition means a happier and healthier pooch.

We have developed our raw food diet as a balanced meal with your dog’s health at the forefront. Customised to suit all sizes, breeds and age of dogs, with delivery throughout Sydney!

RAW K-9 is fortunate enough to be able to work closely with local Australian farmers, butchers and suppliers, meaning your companion can enjoy premium, human grade, fresh raw dog food, conveniently delivered to your door.


Head to Raw Information to uncover the benefits of the RAW K-9 diet and start the transition today!

Prepackaged Raw Dog Food Meals And Treats Delivered In Sydney
  • Fresh, nutritional and balanced food

    We have researched and developed specialised meal plans to ensure your dog gets everything it needs daily based off a Primal Model Raw (PMR) dog food diet. We use only industry approved, high quality human grade meats containing vital enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

  • The right serving for each meal

    We understand that all dogs are different. Not just their lovable personalities, but also their daily energy needs. We take this into consideration when preparing their meals. Each meal is individually tailored for your furry friend with their wellbeing at the forefront.

  • Delivered to your door.

    Let us conveniently take the stress, hassle and confusion out of sourcing affordable high quality products. Each week we prepare, pack and deliver individually-tailored meals, direct to your door! We can also customise order quantities to a fortnightly or monthly basis to accommodate your needs. All you have to worry about is getting home to feed them on time!

Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney
Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney
Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney