What you see is what you get

Like you, we love our pets and care deeply about their health and wellbeing. That’s why RAW K-9 was developed, to deliver high quality food, made from simple recipes that has proven results.

Precise Portioning

Individually tailored for your furry friend with their wellbeing at the forefront.

Chunky Goodness

Chewable chunky
meat, suited for all
shapes and sizes.

meal bowl

Quality Food

Human grade ingredients, containing vital enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

Weekly Delivery

We prepare, pack and
deliver individual meals,
directly to your door.

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cat peeking

What We Dish Up

The above price is based off average pet weight & Basic meal plan*


Biologically Approved Raw Dog Food

A BARF diet is an alternative raw feeding formula that has become more recognised around the world. This feeding option follows ratios of 70% muscle meat, 10% edible bone, 10% organ meats and 10% fruit/vegetable/seed ingredients. Although fruit/vegetable/seed ingredients are not a dietary requirement for canines it does provide additional nutritional value.

Biologically Approved Raw Dog Food

What's in Our BARF Range?

Muscle meat

Edible bone



Fruit and Veg

BARF Transitioning
Basic BARF
BARF Intermediate
BARF Deluxe
Prey Model Raw


Prey Model Raw

A PMR diet is a world recognised raw feeding formula for canines. This feeding option follows ratiosof 80% muscle meat, 10% edible bone and 10% organ meats. All our meal choices follow these ratios and include a variety of ingredients that provide all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

What's in Our PMR Range?

Muscle meat

Edible bone



PMR Transitioning
PMR Intermediate
PMR Game
PMR Deluxe

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Read what our customers have to say...

  • positive review I believe in what they’re serving up

    Rene Kelly Avatar
    Rene Kelly

    positive review I have waited patiently for Raw K-9 to deliver to my area and it was well worth the wait. I am so amazed by the freshness and quality of the meat. I have tried many commercially available raw dog food and Raw K-9 goes above and beyond in their freshness. Thank you for providing such a high quality product for my fur babies.

    Melinda Brown Avatar
    Melinda Brown

    positive review My fussy Cavoodle loves his rawk9 meals packed with high quality meat, organs and bone in just the right balance. Bryony and Ben’s customer service is amazing. Worth every cent and so convenient for busy pet owners who don’t want to feed their pets processed kibble to ensure optimal pet health.

    Donna Fullerton Avatar
    Donna Fullerton
  • positive review Our dog Norman loves the raw diet - he is a big dog and we feed him twice a day. He has a beautiful glossy coat and lots of energy. Thoroughly recommend it. Bryony and Ben were of great assistance when setting up the food for Norman. Excellent service and quality food. Thanks guys - 2 years and going strong.

    Leonie Munce Avatar
    Leonie Munce

    positive review Definitely recommend rawk-9! Alfies coat is shining white and he has so much more energy now! He can't wait for his feed so much so that he barks at me when I take too long to open the bag!

    Cheryl Chedid Avatar
    Cheryl Chedid

    positive review Outstanding product, would thoroughly recommend it to everyone!

    Barrie Brown Avatar
    Barrie Brown
  • positive review Would absolutely recommend Raw k-9 they have great customer service and go out of their way to help. 🐾🐶

    Danielle Gray Avatar
    Danielle Gray

    My Boy loves it and it’s perfect as you see what they eat, none of that mince rubbish. The service is amazing and we love the team. Keep up the good work.

    Jay Jay Karanouh Avatar
    Jay Jay Karanouh

    My 7 year old Golden Retriever has recently switched to this product, and oh boy, does he get excited when we feed him, even makes cute snorting noises he thinks it’s so good .... thanks for such a wonderful healthy dog food ��

    Jan Pitkethly Avatar
    Jan Pitkethly
  • My best mate loves it, great service and a high quality product, keep them coming �

    Luke Martin Avatar
    Luke Martin

    The Food is Great and the Service is Absolutely Amazing, our new puppy Abby loves it. ��

    Jonathon Dodge Avatar
    Jonathon Dodge

    Amazing service and product! My cavalier loves her meals and I love how easy it is. Definitely switch to raw if you’re thinking about it. Life changing for you & your pooch.

    Claire Tickle Avatar
    Claire Tickle
  • I have had my pooch on the raw diet for 2 months now and she loves it! She has lost 2kgs and looks much healthier than when she was on kibbles. Thanks so much to the team at raw k9 for your amazing service!!
    Millys favourite treat is chicken necks ��

    Lara Hearn Avatar
    Lara Hearn
DELUXE PMR 🔥Perfect for those experienced raw feeders! 🐶🐱 Including a variety of high quality / dense meats 👇🏼
🐮 Beef tripe
🐥 Chicken giblets
🐮 Beef chunks
🐟 Sardines
🐮 Beef liver & kidney
🦃 Turkey neck🇦🇺 We only include human grade Australian meats
❌ This meal is not suited for pets who haven’t transitioned on to raw OR who are completely new to our mixes#rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
📣Next Tuesday 26th January is Australia Day 👉🏼 Public holiday 📣 Friendly reminder to all of our awesome customers that all orders scheduled for Delivery on Tuesday are as normal! 🚛 Please ensure you update your delivery address to your home NOT business as redirecting orders after the cut off time is extremely difficult and not guaranteed 🥵 OR email me directly so I can redirect ☺️ Thanks Team! 🐱🐶 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
Have you checked out our prepackaged meals?DIY raw feeding can be time consuming & initially quite overwhelming. This is why we created our prepackaged meals were you as the customer don’t need to worry about adding/weighing anything to your pets meal! ✅All meals include a variety of muscle meats, edible bone, organs and fruit & veg if BARF is selected for dogs 🥩🦴🍎🥬All ingredients are chopped to size 🔪 We don’t mince any of our products 🙅🏼‍♀️ Encouraging your pets to chew/gnaw 🤤DM us if you’re unsure on how to transition or which meal plan to start on! 😍 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
Too much...tooooo much cuteness!! Little Flo 💚Who else agrees the cuteness factor is out of this world! 🚀 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
#repost ⚡️ 2020 the year that was completely and utterly WEIRD! We started off by booking in both the Sydney dog lovers and Melb dog lovers show. We honestly couldn’t believe that we were able to this! Then March hit and we were getting smashed by panic buying which was awesome but was a scary thing. However, our suppliers never let us down and we got through it (just) 🤪2020 has been a year of constantly being on your toes and being able to ‘make do’ or think of another way to do things.We are so incredibly thankful for our customers and all being so understanding & patient with the challenges we have experienced.So from everyone here at RAW K-9. We hope you have a nice New Years.Our fingers and toes are crossed that 2021 is a little bit kinder 💚🐶🐱
From our pack to yours, we are wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Years. It’s been an absolutely whirl wind of a year! Bring on 2021 💚
#repost ⚡️Hi, yes! Hello! I’ll take this delish treato 👋🏼✌🏼 This delicious treat is our Lamb Loin (not lion🦁😛) Bones! 🐑 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
✨FRESH✨Favourite ingredients to chop when in the prep room 🔪 When we first launched the BARF range, we genuinely thought not many people would be interested it! However! You guys have proven us wrong and our BARF range is our most loved range 😍Which mix dog your doggo/kitty enjoy the most? 🐱🐶 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
#repost ⚡️This man, with that delicious packet, along with those slippery sardines topped with a cheeky quail egg is what you call #goals 💯 Who else agrees!? 🐶😍 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
Easily digestible muscle meats. A higher percentage of edible bone. Served up with fruit, veg & other goodies to make the transition that much easier 💚 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood