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Like you, we love our pets and care deeply about their health and wellbeing. That’s why RAW K-9 was developed, to deliver high quality food, made from simple recipes that has proven results.

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Precise Portioning

Individually tailored for your furry friend with their wellbeing at the forefront.

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Chunky Goodness

Chewable chunky
meat, suited for all
shapes and sizes.

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Quality Food

Human grade ingredients, containing vital enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

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Weekly Delivery

We prepare, pack and
deliver individual meals,
directly to your door.

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What We Dish Up

PMR BARF Comparison

The above price is based off average pet weight & Basic meal plan*


Biologically Approved Raw Dog Food

A BARF diet is an alternative raw feeding formula that has become more recognised around the world. This feeding option follows ratios of 70% muscle meat, 10% edible bone, 10% organ meats and 10% fruit/vegetable/seed ingredients. Although fruit/vegetable/seed ingredients are not a dietary requirement for canines it does provide additional nutritional value.

Biologically Approved Raw Dog Food

What's in Our BARF Range?

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Muscle meat

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Edible bone

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Fruit and Veg

BARF Transitioning
Basic BARF
BARF Intermediate
BARF Deluxe
Prey Model Raw


Prey Model Raw

A PMR diet is a world recognised raw feeding formula for canines. This feeding option follows ratios of 80% muscle meat, 10% edible bone and 10% organ meats. All our meal choices follow these ratios and include a variety of ingredients that provide all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

What's in Our PMR Range?

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Muscle meat

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Edible bone

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PMR Transitioning
PMR basic
PMR Intermediate
PMR Game
PMR Deluxe

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Read what our customers have to say...

  • Fantastic raw food! Everything comes in pre-portioned pouches, super easy to toss into the fridge the night before to defrost.
    My dog is loving rawk-9 and looks healthier and happier than ever

    Perrie Avatar

    Best dog food money can buy, hands down. The meal plan is tailored to your dog's needs and body weight. It comes portioned in individual meals, so all you have to do is thaw it and serve it. If you choose the right size meal, your dog won't be hungry.

    My dogs go crazy for it. It is a very balanced meal, one of my dogs is allergic to many things and I've done extensive research on what to feed him and Raw K-9 ticks all the boxes.
    Delivery is not expensive and you can choose, weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery. It comes from NSW and I'm in Melbourne.
    We're so very grateful to Bryony and the Raw K-9 team for their impeccable service and products.

    Eliana Williams Avatar
    Eliana Williams

    I highly recommend Raw K9, meals are fantastic, dogs love them. Great variety and excellent customer service. Very responsive to messages, can’t fault them. Well done to Bryony and the team 👏👏👏

    Debbie Zimmer Avatar
    Debbie Zimmer
  • Really high quality food with great variety. Easy subscription service and open communication with their customers. The raw treats are especially great

    Emma Murphy Avatar
    Emma Murphy

    AMAZING, my doggo has a sensitive tum and it took us a while to find the best food for him, we have our order arrive at our doorstep every 2 weeks without fail in convenient portioned bags. He loves his raw meals and we love the service! Thanks!

    M Roos Avatar
    M Roos

    Have been using Raw K9 for my Great Dane July 2019 and have loved the service. It's convenient and Bailey is always excited for meals! Definitely recommend.

    Isobel Moore Avatar
    Isobel Moore
  • We've been getting fortnightly dog food delivered for 2 years now and it's been great! Bryony and the team are always so helpful and kind. You can be sure that they will solve any issues that may come up.

    And of course, our boy loves his BARF meals. 🙂🐺

    Alexei Doudkine Avatar
    Alexei Doudkine

    Highly recommend, my subscription consists of fresh chunks of meat and soft bones (not mince), always fresh & comes in nicely shaped air tight packs which are easy to store in the freezer in bulk. Delivery always on time, with never any delivery issues. Most importantly, my dog doesn't have smelly farts & his digestion is great.

    Michelle Massouh Avatar
    Michelle Massouh

    Can’t speak highly enough of this company. Finally deliver to Townsville 🥳🎉👏. Our staffy can’t get enough of this food. Excellent mix. Customer service is brilliant. Very responsive to messages. The company that delivers to us have not missed a beat. Well done. Thankyou to the whole team. Great job all round 👏👏👏👏👏

    Debbie Zimmer Avatar
    Debbie Zimmer
  • I've had my Dachshund boy on Raw K-9 since he was a puppy. Everyone comments on how trim, muscular and shiny he is, especially compared to most dachshunds. I couldn't be happier with the great service and excellent meals that Raw K-9 provide!

    Candii Banks Avatar
    Candii Banks

    I love Raw K9 for so many reasons
    1. I know my dogs are receiving a complete balanced meal
    2. Simple ordering system
    3. The whole family can feed the dogs now as everything is pre prepared
    4. The food is fresh and looks appealing
    5. The dogs love it

    Rebecca Lonergan Avatar
    Rebecca Lonergan

    Cleo loves the meals and we love the convenience. Great service - highly recommend!

    Jeannine Smith Avatar
    Jeannine Smith
  • Such great customer service, always replies promptly and helps with change of orders and subscriptions, thank you for the best service and food for my fur babies!

    Sam Buckley Avatar
    Sam Buckley

    I believe in what they’re serving up

    Rene Kelly Avatar
    Rene Kelly

    I have waited patiently for Raw K-9 to deliver to my area and it was well worth the wait. I am so amazed by the freshness and quality of the meat. I have tried many commercially available raw dog food and Raw K-9 goes above and beyond in their freshness. Thank you for providing such a high quality product for my fur babies.

    Melinda Brown Avatar
    Melinda Brown
#repost ⚡️Not sure if land seal or staffy?! 🐶 Either way Jaggar is looking mighty fine! 😉🥰 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
Happy Easter From our happy little bunny 😛🐰#rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
🐈 Cats are obligate carnivores.
🥩 A carnivore is an animal that consumes animal flesh of other animals. 
❗️Obligate essentially means by necessity. 🐱This means that cats are a flesh eating species and is vital for their survival #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
LAMB LOIN BONES 🤤 Bo who is usually a piranha with taking treats/food/toys acts like a gentle hippo while taking the treato 😂

Who else has a piranha or crocodile when offering treatos? 🐶🐊🐟 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
C R E W 👊🏼 Everything about this picture is fabulous 👉🏼 The hair, Mouse’s face, the pose...oh and that box! Pretty sure sweet hazel is saying hurry up mum #overit 😉😛 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
Ronnie Roo we 💚 you! Such a handsome fella with an impeccable body 💪🏼 @brucebettyandroo #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
#repost ⚡️ Miss Lego waiting patiently for her Intermediate PMR mix 💚 Topped with a quail egg 🥚 Has your dog tried a quail egg before? 😍  #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
What’s the difference between our tripe & bleached tripe? 🐮

🐮 Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal including cows & sheep. The unique stomachs of ruminants have four chambers which break down grasses with an abundance of digestive enzymes, gastric juices, and amino acids.
✅ Including green tripe within your pet's diet is paramount. This stinky on the nose but powerhouse ingredient offers your pet an abundance of digestive enzymes and probiotics, meaning the body does not have to use as much energy when breaking down the raw material.

🦠 Digestive enzymes purify and cleanse the blood. Removing toxins, parasites, and fungus. They also improve metabolism, hormonal function and boost the immune system.  

🌈 Green tripe is loaded with lactobacillus acidophilus which is classified a ‘good’ bacterium. When ‘bad’ bacteria are introduced to your pet’s immune system, the ‘good’ bacteria will take over and allow your pet to overcome any health issues that may be faced by the ‘bad’ bacteria.

☠️ Bad bacteria include e-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, and listeria.

🩸 By offering green tripe you are increasing the number of ‘good’ bacteria within your pet’s stomach. Eliminating the chance of ‘bad’ bacteria taking over. 

🟢 Green tripe also provides your pet with manganese which is usually the mineral that most prey model diets (PMR) fall short on as they don’t include a variety of fruit/veg OR fur/feathers

❌ Bleached tripe that we see at the grocery store has been bleached and is meant for human consumption. Because it's been bleached, all of the digestive enzymes, amino acids, and gastric juices that are beneficial for dogs, are washed/chemically destroyed making it ‘filler food’ for dogs and has little to no benefit to your pet 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️ #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood
FAN FAVOURITE 👏🏼 Little brown enjoying a delicious beef brisket bone 🐮perfect for all breed sizes 💚 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood

Do you offer your pet fish? Get on to itttt!

This slippery yet delicious treato offers so many health benefits. Here’s why 👇🏼
🐟 Provides your pet with Omega-3 fats. These omega-3 fats help control the inflammatory process. Providing your pet with healthy joint function, healthy skin, shiny coat and a positive impact on any inflammation throughout the body ✅🐶🐱

If you’re offering this to your pet for the first time - they may find the slimy texture slightly off putting and gross 🙃 we recommend cutting it in half (fairly easy for any human) with lots of encroachment 👏🏼 “You got this best friend! Go best friend!” Words like that defiantly seem to help... 😉 #rawk9diet #realrawpetfood