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Why Choose Raw Food From Us

At RAW K-9, we understand that your four-legged companions deserve the very best. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide them with nutrition that goes beyond just a meal. Our commitment to their well-being is rooted in a deep passion for pets and a relentless pursuit of scientific excellence.


Behind every meal we offer, there’s a story – a story of dedication, innovation and a deep-rooted love for dogs and cats. Discover how we started, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the milestones we’ve achieved in our pursuit of providing the best possible raw food for your pets.


Join us in giving your furry companions the gift of optimal health and happiness. Choose raw food from Raw K-9, where science meets love and every bite is a step toward a vibrant life for your pets.

Our Story

Not All Food Is Created Equally

Your pet is a sophisticated organism, much like yourself. You’re well aware that you can sustain yourself on a variety of things, but there’s a clear distinction between merely “existing” and truly “living.” Just as you seek a diet that empowers you to flourish, it’s equally important to discover the diet that enables your cat or dog to genuinely thrive!

Food Equivalencies

To put things into perspective, we have put together what we call ‘Food Equivalencies’. So you can compare how well you’re eating to how well your pet is.

All Foods Decisions Exist In one of these Zones:

Food is Food

I don't want total junk

I want the best

You Cereal, Noodles, Fast Food Frozen Dinners, Take Out Home cooked meals, nutritionist meal plans
Your Pet Kibble only, maybe some can food Minced meat Scientifically planned human grade raw pet food

The Outcomes:

You Will Survive

A Little Better

You Will Thrive!

What We Are Doing Differently

At Raw K-9, we differentiate ourselves through a meticulous approach to crafting personalised meals for your pets. Every week, we expertly combine the freshest ingredients to create meals tailored to your furry companions’ needs.

1. All Our Meals are Snap Frozen , To Lock in The Freshness

To preserve optimal taste and nutrition, we employ snap freezing (once we finish preparing your pet’s tailored food, we freeze it immediately). This ensures that the freshness you expect is maintained for every bite.

Snap freezing requires specialised equipment and energy, leading to higher production costs and delivery expenses. However, we believe your pets’ health justifies every effort.

While some providers may not adopt our method, we embrace the challenge of providing your pets with the best diet possible. Our commitment to your pets’ well-being drives us to invest in quality and freshness.

Green tripe, when cold-washed and unprocessed, preserves essential enzymes crucial for pets’ well-being, contrary to scaled or bleached tripe that removes these vital enzymes. Cold-washed green tripe offers numerous benefits, including improved digestion, gut health, and immune support. 

Opting for unaltered green tripe demonstrates a commitment to meeting your pets’ specific dietary needs, emphasizing their health over human preferences.

Chunky meat offers more than just a satisfying meal for your pets. Its substantial texture encourages thorough chewing, aiding in effective digestion and nutrient absorption. You can see and your pet can taste the authenticity of the meat, ensuring quality. 

Additionally, the act of chewing chunky meat activates jaw muscles, promoting oral health. By incorporating chunky meat into your pets’ diet, you’re supporting their overall well-being, from digestion to dental care.

Edible bones play a crucial role in maintaining optimal dental hygiene, naturally helping to clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup. Beyond dental benefits, edible bones provide vital nutrients like calcium and glucosamine, which are essential for bone and joint health. 

Moreover, the act of chewing on these bones aids in digestion, while also offering mental stimulation and promoting a sense of contentment.

Our emphasis on multiple protein sources reflects the advantages of whole meats over minced options. Whole meats provide varied amino acids that are essential for comprehensive nutrition, and the protein in organs further enhance your pets’ well-being. 

Doing things a little differently emphasises our dedication to your pets’ health and happiness.

Nourish Your Pets With Human-Grade Food; No Leftovers Here

Every cut of meat we select for your pets’ meals holds the same standard we uphold for ourselves. We conscientiously choose cuts that meet the same quality we would place on our own plates – a testament to our dedication to your pets’ well-being. 

Rest assured, our ingredients never consist of the leftovers that might not have made the grade for our dining table. Your pets receive the same care and consideration as we give to our own families, with every bite, reflecting our commitment to providing you the best.

Major Health Benefits Through a Thoughtfully Designed Raw Pet Food Diet

Explore the advantages of a well-structured raw pet food diet. Experience the transformation with improved coat health, increased energy levels, and overall well-being. This is more than just a diet – it’s the path to enhancing your pets’ quality of life. Discover the science behind the benefits and embark on a journey towards healthier and happier companions. 

Raw food can provide relief for the following conditions:

Beyond addressing the specific conditions mentioned, our comprehensive approach offers a multitude of benefits for your furry companions. From promoting healthy joints and boosting energy levels to supporting a robust immune system, shiny coat, and enhanced digestion, the advantages are boundless. 

Whether your pets are dealing with a particular concern or you simply seek to elevate their overall well-being, our raw food regimen is designed to deliver a holistic and nourishing solution. Join us in unlocking a spectrum of benefits and paving the way for a happier, healthier life for your cherished pets.

Alopecia In Pets:

Unravel the potential solution for alopecia as we explore how a raw food diet can support healthier skin and fur. Discover the nutrients that play a role in promoting coat health and aiding in your pets’s recovery

Pets With Allergies:

Unlock the secret to managing allergies as we reveal information on hypoallergenic raw food options. Understand how these tailored meals can help prevent discomfort and improve your pet’s quality of life.

Rash Management:

Learn how rash management and prevention are improved through a well-designed raw food diet. Explore ingredients that support healthy skin and strategies for maintaining your pet’s comfort.

Gum Disease:

Raw food diet can be a key player in oral health and gum disease prevention. Learn about the benefits of chewing and the nutrients that contribute to improved oral health.

Bowel Problems:

Raw food diet can aid pets with bowel problems. Explore the ingredients that promote optimal digestion and comfort.


Take a closer look at weight management through the lens of a raw food diet. Understand the concept of portion control and nutrient-rich ingredients that can help combat obesity and promote a healthier weight.

Our raw pet food is sourced exclusively from trusted local producers who share our dedication to quality and sustainability.

We believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back, so when you choose RAW K-9, you’re not only providing your pet with nutrient-rich, wholesome food but also contributing to the local economy and supporting Australian agriculture

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