Healthy Raw Treats For Dogs And Cats

Get a Load of Our Selection of Treats for Your Pets

At RAW K-9, we believe every pet deserves the best. So, whether you have an active puppy, a senior cat, or a small dog with a big appetite, we have the perfect treat for them.
Browse through our offerings below and discover the pure, raw goodness that could make mealtime the best part of your pet’s day.

What Are the Benefits of Raw Treats?

Feeding your pets our raw treats isn’t just about making their tails wag during mealtime. It’s about investing in their health and happiness long-term, because when it comes to our furry friends, every purr, wag, and adorable head-tilt counts.

Are Our Raw Treats Safe for Your Pets?

Each of our raw treats undergoes proper handling and preparation, adhering to the highest standards of safety and freshness.

What Sets Our Raw Treats Apart

Here at RAW K-9, we don’t just meet the standards, we fetch them! Just like your pets, we’re all about the chase – chasing quality, that is. We’re committed to providing treats that are “pawsitively” rich in nutrition and taste because we understand that your pets aren’t just pets – they’re part of the family, and they deserve first-class treatment.

Our raw treats are prepared with love and loaded with nutrition without the added preservatives or nasties, because we believe that the bark should never be worse than the bite! So, for food that makes tails wag, trust RAW K-9 – because we’re not kidding around when it comes to your pets’ health!

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