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Edible meaty bones in a raw diet are vital. Bones supply our pets with the bulk of their liquid and fat requirements. The psychological benefits such as crunching, gnawing and tearing not only support jaw strength and development but act as a natural toothbrush, maintaining optimal oral health. Make sure you incorporate 10% edible bone content in your dogs diet.

  • Chopped chicken feet
  • Chopped chicken neck
  • Chopped chicken wing tips
  • Chopped turkey neck


» Explore our DIY bulk meal options to formulate your perfect raw diet! https://www.rawk9.com.au/product/bulk-bags/bulk-bones/

» Bones are packed fresh, cryovaced & blast frozen in 2kg portions

» Bones are cut in to a variety of different sizes (not whole)

» 100% Aussie human grade ingredients


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Chicken Feet, Chicken Necks, Chicken Wing Tips, Turkey Neck


2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg