What’s so great about the RAW K-9 BARF and PMR diets?

RAW K-9 is truly unique. No other raw food pet company in Australia offers what we do in the way we do:

  • We feed your pets – and ours – the same quality meats that we would eat ourselves (that is, human-grade). 
  • We provide top-quality proteins with a high proportion of the essential amino acids sourced from powerhouse ingredients such as green tripe, game, and raw edible bones. 
  • We don’t cook our food, so none of the goodness is lost. You won’t find preservatives, artificial additives, or fillers either. 
  • Our meals are chopped, not minced, because dogs and cats need to tear, bite, chew, and shred their food to benefit from it most. 
  • Unlike our competitors, we use unprocessed tripe, which is a powerhouse of digestive enzymes and probiotics with heaps of life-giving benefits for your pet.
  • Our no-mess, hassle-free pre-packaged meals are made fresh, blast frozen in portion sizes, and delivered to your door. Ready to thaw and serve.
  • Our diets are based on science and are overseen by a highly experienced pet nutritionist – Clare, from HUNDE. Our meals have all the essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in the raw, natural form and the specific proportions that are best for your pet.
  • Our diets are highly digestible and rich in protective nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory foods that promote health and longevity. We go above and beyond the bare minimum because we want your pets to thrive.  
  • Our diets are full of variety and interest and are designed to keep your pet coming back for more. 
  • Our modern, hygienic facilities comply with Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.3, so you can be sure our meals are safe.


RAW K-9 is more than a job for us – it is our life. We are committed to keeping abreast of all the latest developments in pet nutrition so that your – and our – fur babies can live their best lives! You can find out more here.

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Ben Mather

June 27, 2023