How do you maintain the integrity of your business?

From the very start, we were committed to providing quality ingredients for our customers. Then we realised, we couldn’t stop there. Quality had to be our hallmark in everything we did – from choosing the best suppliers to delivering the meals to your door. In fact, we needed to go beyond that. 


We know exactly how confusing raw food diets can be, especially if you are new to the concept. We couldn’t leave our customers to get on with it, so we came up with our Transitioning program, where we guide our customers and their pets as they start their raw food journey. 

From here, we provide help and advice for as long as they need us. A huge bonus from the program has been the relationships we have built with owners and pets as we take them step by step through the process. Our customers have become our friends, so there’s even more pressure to do the right thing for them – and this is how we do it:

Integrity In Ingredients


Human-grade ingredients – always

We feed your pets – and ours – the same quality meats that we would eat ourselves. We’re a family-owned Australian company and all of our nutritious and delicious ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. 


100% raw and pure food

We don’t cook our food, so none of the goodness is lost. 


Chopped not minced

Dogs and cats need to tear, bite, chew, and shred their food to get the most benefit from it. Our meals are full of bitey, chunky deliciousness that pets love.


Integrity In Process


Nutritionally Balanced

Our meals have all the essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and protective nutrients in the specific proportions and raw natural form that is best for your pet. Our BARF diet is formulated to be AAFCO compliant.


We are certified pet nutritionists and draw on the advice and experience of a highly qualified nutritional advisor. We don’t ‘set and forget’ when it comes to our diets; we fine-tune our meals to improve nutritional content even more or to provide variety and interest.


Providing Peace of Mind

We’ve done all the research, measurements, and portioning for you, so you can be sure your pets are getting what they need. Our advising nutritionist double-checks that our diets meet nutritional requirements. We follow the voluntary standards code for the pet food industry, we are certified in Food Safety Handling and Hygienic Practices, and our modern, hygienic facilities comply with Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.3.


Integrity In Suppliers

We only use human-grade ingredients from Australian suppliers we trust and have a relationship with. We do our own quality checking to ensure the ingredients live up to our quality and ethical standards. Where possible, we source locally, and we select our fresh fruit and veg from the Sydney markets.

Integrity In Service

As a small family-owned and hands-on company, we control all aspects of our products and service. We wanted Raw K-9 to be the kind of company we would trust with the health and wellbeing of our pets. That’s why our service doesn’t stop with your order delivery. We keep the conversation going to find out more about you and your fur babies. We will keep researching, innovating, and growing to help your cats and dogs live their happiest and healthiest lives. That’s a promise.

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Ben Mather

June 27, 2023