It’s dinner time! But wait, what are you serving your four-legged companion? If it’s not human-grade pet food, you might be missing out on a world of nutritional benefits that could help your fur baby thrive.

Let’s dive into the delicious world of human-grade pet meals and explore their benefits.

What Is A “Human-Grade” Pet Diet?

A pet diet that’s human-grade is basically food made with ingredients that are good enough for people to eat. These meals follow the same quality standards as human food, so you can expect them to have wholesome and nutritious ingredients like proteins, fats, carbs and minerals.

Human-Grade Vs Pet-Grade Meals

The biggest difference between human-grade and pet-grade meals boils down to the ingredient quality. Human-grade pet meals are made with top-notch, fresh ingredients that you’d happily eat yourself. On the flip side, pet-grade food often includes fillers and less-than-stellar ingredients.

This means that while a human-grade meal may cost more initially, the nutrition and health benefits are far greater in the long run. As a pet parent, you should always carefully read through ingredient lists to ensure that your fur baby is getting optimal nutrition from their food.

Benefits Of Feeding Human-Grade Fresh Pet Meals

Incorporating human-grade pet meals into your pet’s diet can bring about a myriad of health benefits. These meals offer superior nutritional quality, are free from harmful additives and can even cater to specific dietary needs.

Here are some of the benefits that come with feeding your pet human-grade pet meals:

Enhanced Nutritional Value

Human-grade meals are rich in essential nutrients, providing everything your pet needs to stay healthy and active.

Improved Digestion And Gut Health

These meals are easier for your pet to digest, promoting better gut health and reducing the risk of digestive issues.

Shinier Coat And Healthier Skin

The high-quality ingredients in human-grade meals contribute to a shinier coat and healthier skin for your pet.

Stronger Immune System

Better nutrition leads to a stronger immune system, keeping your pet healthier overall.

What You Should Look For In A Human-Grade Pet Food?

When choosing a human-grade pet food, there are several key factors to consider to ensure the health and well-being of your pet:

  • Comprehensive and Transparent Ingredients List

When you’re checking out the ingredients list, keep an eye out for one that’s thorough and transparent. You want top-notch protein sources, fruits, veggies and human-grade grains. Stay away from products with vague terms like “meat” or “animal by-products” – they usually mean lower-quality ingredients.

  • No Fillers or Artificial Additives

Good pet food should be top-notch and totally filler-free. That means no corn or wheat gluten, soy, or meat by-products. It’s also best to steer clear of artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, which can cause health issues in the long run.

  • Quality Control Standards

The pet food brand should follow strict quality control standards, just like those for human food production. This means ensuring safe and clean production, regular quality checks and certifications from trusted food safety authorities.

  • Positive Brand Reputation

Opt for brands with a positive reputation for quality and commitment to pet health. Research online reviews, ask other pet owners, or consult with your vet to seek their recommendations.

Raw Human-Grade Vs Processed Human-Grade Pet Food

Raw human-grade pet food is nature’s way of saying, “Hey, your four-legged friend deserves the best.” Forget about the boring brown kibbles that look as exciting as a cardboard box.

Raw, unprocessed, human-grade pet food retains all its nutritional charm – enzymes, vitamins and minerals are all preserved in their original, most digestible form. Your pet will be chomping down on food that’s as close to their natural diet as possible.

Raw Pet Meal Preparation And Portioning

Transitioning to a raw diet for your pet requires a bit of preparation and portioning know-how. To start, remember that the size, age and activity level of your pet will dictate the amount of food they should consume daily. Generally, a raw diet should constitute around 2-3% of the pet’s body weight per day.

Preparing raw meals for your pet involves proper handling and storage of raw meat to prevent health risks. Remember to wash hands and surfaces thoroughly, store in the fridge to maintain freshness, and serve at room temperature for a delightful mealtime experience.

When you set up a meal plan with Raw K-9, we find out all we can about your cat or dog to make sure your fur buddy has the raw food diet that suits them best. We tailor our meals to suit your dog or cat by chosen diet, age, and weight. Then we work out the appropriate portion sizes, prepare and package the meals in individual portions, blast freeze them in our facility – and that’s it. Every week you will receive ready-to-go meal packs with individual meals pre-portioned, ready to thaw and feed.

Hygiene And Safe Handling Practices

The hygienic preparation of raw pet food is absolutely critical to the health of your dog or cat. It is crucial to avoid contamination of ingredients during handling. We are trained and qualified specifically for this, and our modern facilities comply with Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.3. We take hygiene and safety extremely seriously and we NEVER cut corners.

What We Dish Up At RAW K-9

We’re a family-owned local Australian company built for the love of our pets. When we couldn’t find the quality of food that we needed to improve the health of our dogs, we decided to make it ourselves. Then we decided to share our healthy raw pet meals with others. Our ingredients are fresh, nutritious and locally sourced.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Pure Raw

We don’t cook our raw pet food, so none of the natural goodness is lost. Whether it’s the meat, bones, fish, or vegetables – the ingredients that we feed to your dog or cat are of the same quality as the food we eat ourselves. It’s part of the Raw K-9 difference.

Chopped, Not Minced

Dogs and cats need to tear, bite, chew and shred their food to get the most benefit out of it. Our meals are models of bitey, chunky deliciousness that pets love and need.

Nutritionally Balanced

Our meals have all the essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protective nutrients in specific proportions and in the raw natural form that is good for your dog or cat.

Green Tripe

This is our magic ingredient. Our green tripe is a powerhouse of digestive enzymes and probiotics chock full of health-giving benefits for your pet.

Grain-Free Approach

All the goodness is plain to see – nothing to hide here! No preservatives, chemical additives, or fillers. The yummy goodies you see in your pet’s food bowl are literally what you get.

BARF And PMR Raw Food Diets

BARF and Prey Model Raw (PMR) are types of raw food diets for pets. Raw meaty bones, muscle meats and offal form the basis of both diets, but they do have some differences. They are nutritionally balanced, complete and biologically appropriate raw diets tailored for your cat or dog.

Evidence-Based And Varied Meal Plans

Our diets are based on science and are overseen by a qualified and highly experienced pet nutritionist. We ensure that all of our meal plans contain the proper ingredients in the right proportions to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your dog or cat. 

Plus, food variety is important for the health and well-being of your dog or cat. So, our diets are full of variety and interest and are designed to keep your pet coming back for more.

Achieve Optimal Health For Your Pet With A Human-Grade Raw Food Diet

Making the switch to a human-grade raw food diet is one of the best decisions you can make for your pet’s health. RAW K-9’s meals are a delicious way to ensure all their nutritional needs are met and their taste buds get all the love they deserve.

Build your meal plan and start your pet's journey to better health today!

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