The Benefits Of A Raw Diet

Feeding your dog a raw diet has a range of different benefits that you should start to notice from day one. The team here at RAW K-9 have put together their top 5 reasons why other pet parents are feeding their dog this beneficial diet and why you should consider starting to feed your beloved companion a complete raw diet.

Reason #1

Variety & Nutrition – We understand that raw feeding is relatively new to most dog owners and making the switch from conventional pet food can be daunting for some. It is our goal to educate the importance of offering a balanced diet composed of a variety of high quality, wholesome proteins. Just like any other species, including humans, the quality of the food consumed has a tremendous impact on the individual’s overall health. Some examples of a rawsome diet are listed below.

Reason #2

Increased Energy – We know most dog owners will tell you that their dog has high levels of energy, our pet parents have commented that as their animal transitioned onto the raw diet they noticed energy levels increased making them more active and spirited, for some dogs it was like they were puppies again. We strongly believe that  by offering a high quality natural diet containing the correct amount of necessary muscle meats and organs, all dogs will live a more complete life.

Our Diet

  • Muscle Meat
  • Edible Bone
  • Liver
  • Secreting Organ

Reason #3

Smaller Stools – We are the first to admit that dogs are never going to smell like a lovely bunch of flowers. Our pet parents have noticed, since offering a raw diet, the smell of their animals breathe, coat and gas have decreased dramatically. When you start feeding your dog a raw diet you will also notice a decrease in stool size, this is the first sign of a smooth transitioning period. You may notice that it looks like your dog is straining to pass a stool during the initial period, but this will become a normal situation as we transition further into the diet and stools should become smaller, firmer and less frequent. The RAW K-9 team will be able to assist you every step of the way to ensure complete transition.

Reason #4

Vibrant Skin & Coat – Kibble and other heavily processed pet foods allow organisms to thrive by feeding on the sugar and carbohydrates that are present in the food source. Due to this it has led to an increase in the number of animals, particularly in dogs with poor skin conditions. Offering your dog balanced raw meats is the exact type of diet their digestive systems are designed to breakdown whilst allowing the body to absorb the vast variety of vitamins and minerals. RAW K-9’s range of pre-packaged meals contain all the essential nutritional values that help foster healthy, soft and vibrant coats.

Reason #5

Less Cancerous / Disease Free Life – Unfortunately, we live in a world where commercial pet food is commonly used and backed by so many veterinarians as “high quality”, even when our pets continue to suffer from countless illnesses and diseases. Persuasive marketing has led many dog owners to believe that heavily processed foods are the most beneficial food source available. It is impossible for these pet food manufactures to match the health enhancing attributes of the evolutionary raw diet. Raw fed animals enjoy life with an enormously reduced chance of developing both infectious and degenerative diseases.

We understand that you may still have questions and we are more than happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact us directly and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

Transitioning Meal 

Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

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Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

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Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

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Raw dog food diet delivered in Sydney

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