“Firstly I’d like to say how impressed with the quality of the food you have provided. It is exceptional. Twiggy and Sophia LOVE every single gram of it. They have been on a raw diet all their lives but this takes it to a whole new level. A side benefit is that we feel so good in ourselves to be able to give them the best and healthiest diet possible – exactly what they deserve. I’d also like to complement you on the outstanding customer service which has been exemplary. Thank you.”

Andrew, Paddington NSW.

“Asha absolutely loves her meals, they are exactly what I have been looking for to buy for her. I have been feeding her raw for about a year now, your service makes that a WHOLE lot easier to do & saves me sourcing everything separately.” 

Stacey, Seven Hills NSW.

“Superb complete Raw food for your pet. High quality ingredients perfectly balanced for the Prey Model Raw fed diet. Feeding raw is easy but to get the balance of nutrition and find all the right meats, offal, bone etc and weigh and prepare at home is time consuming. RAW K-9 is the best product I’ve tried. Many companies mince their meats and bones together and add vegetables. My Cavoodle turns his nose up at all the these but devours RAW K-9. The ordering is easy, delivery is always on time and we swap the cooler bag each delivery reducing waste. Customer service is fantastic and any issues are resolved politely and promptly. I know my dog is getting the best possible nutrition by feeding RAW K-9.”

Donna, Summer Hill NSW.

“Sadie & Ava love their Raw K-9, awesome selection of bones and treats!”

Kate, Nelsons Bay NSW.

“Franc is absolutely loving the small cut meals! She is leaving her bowl completely empty and we can’t remember when that last happened. We’ve also given her all the treats and she has loved them too. Delivery is great as the food arrives in plenty of time for her dinner. We are so glad you sought us out on Instagram so we could give her such good nutritious food she loves.”

Prue, Annandale NSW.

“I am so glad I found this company. My dogs absolutely love the variety and it is incredibly enjoyable to watch them tear apart real food. As a Doberman breeder it is so satisfying having an alternative to mince and knowing what is going into my animals! The results are incredible! Thank you RAW K-9!!!”

Chad, Carlingford NSW.

“We had a friend over last night and she could not stop commenting on Bowie’s coat- so soft and glossy. She was obsessed! She asked her what we feed her and I gave you guys a great rap. Honestly, though, we are so happy with the quality of food you put out and Bowie LOVES every meal. Her coat definitely shows how well she eats!

Keep up the great work!”


“Lily is absolutely loving them. She looks forward to food time EVERY single time 🙂 What I love about RAW K-9 is that it doesn’t stink like other raw food brands I’ve tried, plus the fact that lily loves it!”

Christina, Beverly Hills NSW.

“Ace loves his meals so much & doing very well on them!! When he was on raw mince meals he was farting a lot but that has reduced significantly. I’m also happy with your meals because they are so fresh & there’s no smell.”

Michelle, Greenacre NSW.

“We have been LOVING your products, thanks so much for making my life so much easier. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the deluxe meals as an ongoing subscription as my boyfriend and I are so pleased with how this week has gone so far. The brochure and everything was a great touch and there was so much attention to detail. Even the separate dishwashing brush! We already had one for his stuff but details like these are really impressive. I have been recommending raw feeding to everyone since we started and now I have your products to recommend for the more nervous beginners. I will be recommending you to all my dog parent friends!”

Grace, Newtown NSW.

“Cleo eats all the food now quickly whereas on the old dog food she would take all day to eat it! We are very happy with your products.”

Jeannine, Lane Cove NSW.

“I have had my pooch on the raw diet for 2 months now and she loves it! She has lost 2kgs and looks much healthier than when she was on kibbles. Thanks so much to the team at Raw K-9 for your amazing service!! Milly’s favourite treat is chicken necks :)”

Lara, Botany Bay NSW.

“After a year of our dog Maddy being on RAW K-9 meals, she has gone from poor liver function with levels ten times higher than they should be to almost normal results. She also seems to have lost her heart murmur. She has had a soft murmur all her life but last year she was upgraded to a level three/four murmur which means they could hear it quite loud. In April 2018 they could not hear one at all and had a second vet check it out because it was so strange for it to go away like that.

In March 2017 all of her levels were messy, her ALP function was 362 (normal 1-150) and ALT 1168 (normal 16-90) so she was diagnosed with liver disease. In April 2018 after being on the meals for a year and no other real change to her lifestyle (since going blind and being elderly made exercise too much for her) her ALP function came down to 85 which is within a normal range and ALT to 184 which is still a bit high but 1000 less than it was!

Thank you so much RAW K-9! 😊”

Samantha, Glenwood NSW.

“My dog is 6 years old and a schnoodle. She was diagnosed with Addisons disease at 2 years and was very ill. She is on daily meds and monthly injections for the rest of her life. Her diet is very important and we have tried everything. But, since we started on RAW we haven’t looked back. She looks so healthy and obviously feels good too. Never turns her nose up at her food, she loves it. I love the portion sizes, so easy and convenient and the customer service exceptional. I would recommend RAW to any dog owner.”

Amanda, Lane Cove NSW.