Whats in it?

  • Green beef tripe
  • Kangaroo chunks
  • Venison chunks
  • Turkey neck
  • Beef liver & kidney
  • Pumpkin/carrot/kale/apple
  • Hemp seed/seaweed powder

Who is it suited for?

This meal is composed of easily digestible game meats.

It is specifically designed for dogs with sensitivities and/or allergies to common muscle meats such as chicken and lamb. It is perfect for highly active dogs as game proteins aid in muscle development, conditioning and repair.

Serving Portions

Adult dog (1+ years) = two daily servings
Adolescent puppy (7-12 months) = two daily servings
Puppy (2-6 months) = three daily servings

Fresh Ingredients

Made from real
fresh ingredients

Ready to Serve

Pre-portioned meals,
just open and serve

Direct Delivery

Just order your meal
and we do the rest