Who owns Raw K-9?

Raw K-9 is privately owned and operated by Bryony and Ben – proud owners of two staffies, Bo and Nala. When Bo was diagnosed with alopecia, the vets told Bryony and Ben that their beloved fur baby would be on powerful medication for life and would eventually be bald. 


Ben and Bryony refused to accept the diagnosis and started researching the condition to find a cure. The answer lay in Bo’s diet – kibble was making him ill. They switched him to a natural raw diet, and he was a different dog within weeks! His coat grew back, his breath smelt better, his teeth were whiter and cleaner – and he was bouncier and healthier than he had ever been.


A balanced raw diet transformed Bo’s health. When Nala came along, she was introduced to a top-quality raw diet as soon as she was weaned. Today, Nala is an example of what a healthy dog should be, with perfect posture, bone structure, teeth and gums, coat, and digestion. 


The results of switching to a natural, raw diet for both dogs were so dramatic, Bryony and Ben felt compelled to share their discovery with others. They founded Raw K-9 and became certified pet nutritionists. Based on extensive research and advice, they developed a range of human-grade, fresh, pure, and natural raw diets that would restore wellness to Australian dogs and cats.

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Bryony Gilmour

June 27, 2023