Where do you source your ingredients from?

All of our suppliers provide human-grade ingredients that are sold for human consumption. You will find their products in fine restaurants and retail outlets across Australia.

Our Beef Supplier

Our meat is sourced from a 100% Australian family-owned company that has been in operation for over 60 years. The company is also known for pioneering the application of food safety reforms and employing local people wherever possible.

Our Kangaroo and Game Suppliers

We have two kangaroo suppliers. One owns 2 of the five export-accredited kangaroo plants in Australia. Kangaroo meat is carefully managed and falls under government regulations. It must be sourced from ‘abundant and healthy free-ranging populations.’ As a licensed operator, our supplier must follow animal welfare regulations and strict quotas, which are scientifically set and regularly monitored. Only four species of kangaroo are permitted for commercial harvesting.

Our other kangaroo supplier has been serving kangaroo and game meat for over 40 years and is respected as representing the highest quality control standards from gate to plate. This supplier’s business was born from a passion for the game and has shaped game bird farming in Australia. They raise speciality game birds across NSW using small-scale boutique farming methods. 

They also supply us with Malleeroo kangaroo sourced from the finest Western Grey kangaroos in Australia’s Central Southern areas. These areas are dominated by Mallee trees and shrubs where the kangaroos graze on natural vegetation such as coarse grasses, leaves, tree bark, and shrubby bushes.

Our Chicken Supplier 

This family firm is a household name that has been putting food on Australian tables for over 100 years. Their integrated poultry operation enables them to provide top-quality turkeys and chickens that have been quality-monitored from farm to plate. Consumers recognise their brand as representing high standards and continuous innovation.

Our Couriers

Our refrigerated courier service providers are also family-run businesses. They have been operating since 1996 and now have branches nationwide. The company is a market leader with uniquely sophisticated monitoring and management systems. Their service is complete and customised; they don’t outsource to third parties, and they don’t take ad hoc work, which means they are consistently and reliably available to service Raw K-9 customers.

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Bryony Gilmour

June 27, 2023