What makes Raw K-9 different?

Raw K-9 is truly unique. No other raw food pet company in Australia offers what we do in the way we do:


Human-grade ingredients – ALWAYS!

Our family-owned Australian company feeds your pets and ours with the same high-quality meats that we would consume ourselves. We use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious.


Top-quality proteins

We provide top-quality proteins rich in essential amino acids sourced from powerhouse ingredients such as green tripe, game, and raw edible bones. 


100% raw and pure

We don’t cook our food, so none of the goodness is lost. You won’t find preservatives, artificial additives, or fillers either. We hide nothing in our freshly prepared meals – the yummy goodies you see in the bowl are literally what you get.


Chopped not minced

To fully benefit from their food, dogs, and cats require tearing, biting, chewing, and shredding it. Our meals are filled with delicious chunks that pets enjoy biting into.


The value of tripe

Unlike our competitors, we use unprocessed tripe, a powerhouse of digestive enzymes and probiotics with heaps of life-giving benefits for your pet.


Absolutely no mess and hassle-free

Made fresh, blast frozen in portion sizes, and delivered to your door. Ready to freeze or serve – it couldn’t be easier.


Nutritionally balanced

Our diets are based on science and are overseen by a highly experienced pet nutritionist. Our meals contain all the necessary nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and protective nutrients in their natural and raw form that are best for your pet.


Varied, interesting meals

Our diets are varied and interesting and are designed to keep your pet returning for more.


Peace of Mind

We’ve done all the research, measurements, and portioning for you, so you can be sure your pets are getting what they need. No need to worry about contamination during handling either. Our modern, hygienic facilities comply with Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.3.  We do it all. All you need to do is serve up and sit back.


The wellness of your pets means everything to us.

We know what your pet means to you. It was a concern for the well-being of our gorgeous dog Bo and the amazing difference that a raw diet made to his health that led us to found Raw K-9.


We LOVE What We Do

Raw K-9 is more than a job for us – it is our life. We are committed to keeping abreast of all the latest developments in pet nutrition so that your – and our – fur babies can live their best lives!

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Ben Mather

June 27, 2023