What exactly are BARF and PMR diets?

BARF and Prey Model Raw (PMR) are types of raw food diets. Both BARF and PMR diets include raw meaty bone, muscle meats, and offal, but BARF diets also include vegetables, fruit, fish, nuts/seeds, shellfish, and dairy.

  • The BARF Diet (for dogs) stands for ‘biologically appropriate raw food’. This popular diet consists of fresh, uncooked meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, fish, minerals, and supplements. This raw diet has a specific ratio of animal to plant-based ingredients and is nutritionally balanced.

The Prey Model Raw or PMR Diet (for dogs and cats) is modeled on what a dog or cat would eat in nature – entire prey animals. Various animal or prey parts are fed in measured amounts so that over a period, your pet effectively eats the whole prey.  Dogs and cats fed this diet get all the nutrients they need from prey animals and the food the prey has eaten.

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Bryony Gilmour

June 27, 2023