How do you manage the hygiene and safety handling of raw food?

The wellness of your pets means everything to us. That’s why we care for them as we do for our own by ensuring our raw food products and processes are as safe as possible. These are some of the protections we have in place:

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our food and the integrity of our service.
  • We only use human-grade ingredients from suppliers that we trust and have a relationship with. We do our own quality checking to make sure the ingredients live up to our standards.
  • As a small family-owned and very hands-on company, we control all aspects of the food preparation and packing to make sure our hygiene standards are met. 
  • Our diets are overseen by a qualified pet nutritionist – Clare from HUNDE, and we are certified in Food Safety Handling and Hygienic Practices.
  • All our meals and treats are prepared, packaged, and blast froze in our modern industry-approved facility and complied with Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.3, which ensures the following:
    • that the layout of our premises minimises opportunities for food contamination 
    • that our food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment, and transport vehicles are designed and constructed to be cleaned and, where necessary, sanitised 
    • that our premises are provided with the essential services of water, waste disposal, light, ventilation, cleaning, personal hygiene facilities, storage space, and access to toilets.

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Ben Mather

June 27, 2023