Raw K-9 products are not for human consumption and is only suitable for domesticated animals (‘pets’). The consumer acknowledges that many pets suffer from allergies and illnesses and have different nourishment requirements in the same way humans can. It is up to the consumer and pet owner to make enquiries as to what food is suitable for their particular pet, and if necessary, consult a veterinarian on their pet’s specific needs.

Raw K-9 disclaims liability, including for negligence, for any loss or injury (including death) directly or indirectly sustained by any person or pet as a result of any reliance upon the labelling on Raw K-9 products.

Raw K-9 makes no warranty that any use of the Raw K-9 product will not infringe any third party’s rights, including intellectual property rights.

Raw K-9 has taken great care to ensure the raw material provided in all Raw K-9 products are suitable for your pet generically. However, Raw K-9 makes no warranty that Raw K-9 products will be suitable for your pet in particular, or free from defect or spoilage, or if used, will ensure compliance with any relevant requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Raw K-9 also advises you that any labelling reference to a raw ingredient contained in the Raw K-9 product is not to be taken as an authoritative statement of the composition of that product, due to changes in formulation that may have occurred since the Raw K-9 product label was generated. It is also not to be taken as a statement that a particular product complies, or does not comply, with any labelling declarations that might have been made for it or with any regulatory requirements. If you require current data on a specific branded product you should contact Ben at Raw K-9 or visit www.rawk9.com.au.

Raw K-9 recommends that users of Raw K-9 products for pet dietary purposes, consult a veterinarian for a comprehensive dietary assessment.

Raw K-9 makes Raw K-9 products available on the understanding that you will exercise your own skill, care and judgment with respect to its use for your pet and you will carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of the Raw K-9 product for your purposes.

Any reliance on the labelling and contents of Raw K-9 product is also subject to the conditions, disclaimer and limitations set out at www.rawk9.com.au.

By using the Raw K-9 you acknowledge all the above and that that in no event shall Raw K-9 be liable for any loss, injury or damage resulting from any use of Raw K-9 products.